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Welcome to Laser Piles Clinic

Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

Our Goal is to simplify surgery with an Exclusive and Safe German Laser Technology taken care by an experienced and expertised doctors who deliver 100% Sure Best Results.

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Piles Treatment in Hyd & Sec-bad

Laser piles Surgery is one of the leading clinic in Hyderabad for treatment of piles. We have a team of expert doctors having years of experience in treating piles by using the latest and modern techniques.

Our Team of expert doctors understand the trouble you are facing and make sure you get the best laser treatment with quick results free from pain and bleeding.

Laser piles Surgery in XYZ* Clinics
  • Single Cut and Wound
  • Painless, Fearful
  • Minimal Blood Loss
  • Less Chances of Infection
  • 1 Day Hospital Stay
  • XYZ* Laser (Untrusted)
  • Low Reoccurence

    (Due to lack of Post Surgery Care)

Laser piles Surgery at Our Clinic
  • No Cut and No Wound
  • Painless, Fearless
  • No Blood Loss
  • No Infection
  • Max. 8-10 Hours
  • Trustworthy German Laser
  • No Reoccurence

    (simply Post Operative Professional Care)

Best Practices

Piles Clinic with Innovative Approach to Treatment

Modern technology and equipment combined with the expertise and care of specialists in the field of all Surgeries, Proctology make us the most sought out clinic for the treatment of colorectal conditions.


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Qualified Doctors

His Excellency

Prof. Dr. G.L.N. Nagamalleshwar Rao

Founder of YES CLINIC - Initiative, First coloproctology surgeon of twin states having served as a surgeon at Osmania Hospital since 1980, head of the Dept of surgeries, elevated to proffessor and falowed by Superitendent of Osmania General Hospital, retd - Hyderabad.

His mission is to spread importance and awareness of Proctology due to increase of life style disorders of present generation.

Meet The Doctors

Our Medical Specialists

Dr. D.B. Poornima Chowdary
MS(Gen. Surgery) FMAS.P.G.DIP(Lap Surg) France Reg No.37083
Dr. S. R. Naresh Kumar
Coloproctologist Fellow of FISCP Gen & Lap Surgeon
Dr.Vinay kumar
MBBS, MS(Ortho) Reg No.37083
Dr. Dasarapu Srinivas
MS(Gen.Surgery) Senior Consultant Proctology & Rectal Surgeon Reg.No.44332

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Highest Quality Care

Solutions to Complex Medical Problems

The burning problem is psychologically acceptence for any surgery for any individual is difficult, here we as ateam simplify the surgeries and made easy in all ways ,minimum invasive ,intervention of laser in proctology,cost wise affordablity ,time wise short interval ..30 minutes only for all piles & Fissures,Fistula in Ano.We try to extend our services for Varicose veins and Stapler Circumcision . Now eqipped to perform all kind of General and laproscopic surgeries for affordable Prices.

Our Stories, Tips & Latest News

Laser Story

We are the First people to introduce and perform laser surgery in South India .
We initially started Fistula surgery with Laser and thereafter introduced Lasotronix for fissure and Haemorrhoids (Piles).
Now we are performing for Varicose veins and Circumcision also.


Stop Self Medication and Consume Plenty of Drinking Water.
Add Fibre to your Diet/Stop all Junk Food, Aerated Drinks


We Introduce Stapler instant Surgery for Circumcision.
we are establishing at Manikonda and spreading Franchise module in every District.

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