Exclusive Care for Lady Clients

What Happens in General?

  • Most of the Present Generation Ladies suffering with Constipation, the hard stools, Pain during stools, Pain after stools, Boils around Anal area, Drop of blood from Anal Canal which they ignore because of lack of awareness, ignore because thinking some idiopathic cause.
  • For Early detection they always dependent on family physicians (FPs) (FPs listen symptoms but they don't examine in detail).
  • As a next step they consult Gynecologist, they advice some stool softeners and ointments which are not permanent cure. After 20 years of age Fissure is not reversible.
  • Over the years of experience, there is a margin of increased cases since last 5 years.


In reality, the above experiences happen due to :
  1. Less in take of Water (required. 3-4 Ltrs per day)
  2. Less in-take of Fiber (like leafy vegetables, green vegetables)
  3. More in-take of Junk Food (like Burgers, Pizzas, Samosas)
  4. Irregular Food Habits
  5. Irregular Sleep (Night Duties)
  6. Long and continuous Sittings without any body movements
  7. Lack of Exercises (like Walking, Yoga, Household activities)
  8. Improper Medication (frequently using analgesics)

What We Provide in  Laser Piles Clinic?

  • Now Looking into the dire requirement for female doctors:
  • As we respect ladies, and they suffer in silence, Our Lady Doctors take care on all aged women suffering from Fissures and Fistulas surprisingly very few ladies who only suffer from Piles.
  • We now hereby bring Exclusive facility for Female patients on Every day Basis.
  • As per our 25 years of experience Fissure never treated completely with medication. They have to undergo a procedure called Internal Sphincterotomy. We here, ablate with Laser only.
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