What are FISSURES?

  • The anal fissure is the small tear in the moist tissue and thin which marks the anus. The fissure may occur when the person passes the large stools while the bowel movement.
  • It causes pain with the bowel movement.
  • If you have any symptoms of fissures then you can visit the Best Hospitals for Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad and get best fissure treatment.
  • The fissure can be caused by the systemic malignancy, inflammatory bowel disease, tuberculosis, trauma, chemotherapy and others.
  • The Laser Treatment for Fissure in Hyderabad is best choice to cure the fissure completely.  Laser Piles Clinic has experienced doctor to provide the best fissure to their patient. The Fissure surgery cost in Hyderabad can vary depends on the size and location of the fissure. With the help of the experienced doctor and latest technique, the hospital provides the best Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad. By using the anoscope, the doctor can find any other causes of the anal pain such as piles and others.
  • The fissure is one of the common lesions and it is considered in various anal pain diagnoses. It is can affect any age people. Some of the people with the fissures may need the surgery or medication. The fissure may occur in the different situation such as childbirth, diarrhea long bouts, and others.
  • Types of Fissure
  • The anal fissures are classified into two types such as acute and chronic.
  • The fissures can be defined by the location.
  • Most of the fissures are located at back and although they can be located at front or sides.
  • The Fissure surgery cost in Hyderabad varies based on the fissure treatment.
What are the symptoms of Fissure?
The anal fissure cause some signs and symptoms such as

  • Pain during the bowel movement
  • Itching around the anus
  • The skin tag next to the anal fissure
  • The visible cut in the skin near the anus
  • Burning in the anal area
If you have any symptoms and pain during bowel movements then you see the doctor and get the best Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad at the earlier stage. hemorrhoids hospital
Causes of Fissure
The anal fissure is caused by the trauma to anal canal and anus. Most of the people can remember during the bowel movement during that their pain starts. Common causes of the anal fissure such as:
  • Passing hard stools
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Anal cancer
  • Childbirth
  • Syphilis
  • Inflammation of anorectal area
  • Tuberculosis and others
Diagnosis of Fissure in  Laser Piles Clinic
The doctor can diagnose the fissure by examining the area of the anus. They may need to perform the fissure exam to prove the fissure diagnosis. During the Fissure exam, the doctors insert the anoscope into the rectum that allows them to see the tear. The Best Hospitals for Fissure Treatment in Hyderabad provides the fissure treatment depends on the fissure location, types, and size. They use various methods to find the fissure type like sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy and other.
Treatment of Fissure done in  Laser Piles Clinic
The anal fissures heal within the few weeks if the person takes simple methods to keep the stool soft includes eat the fiber and fluids foods.  Laser Piles Clinic provide the Laser Treatment for Fissure in Hyderabad that helps to cure the fissures problems. They not only provide the laser treatment but also offer the non-surgical treatment.
Surgical treatment
If the patients have the chronic anal fissure is resistant to any other treatments then the doctor may recommend the fissure surgery treatment. The surgical treatment reduces the pain, spasm and also promotes healing.
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